where to live?

Wondering where to live?

You know it, and you’ve wished for it for far too long — the sea reaching far into the horizon opens the mind to new possibilities and sparks unseen creativity to dream, and to manifest dreams into reality. This city is yours to build.

Klaipėda’s got colours.

Get to know its different neighbourhoods, and find the one for your perfect lifestyle.

Klaipėda's got colours

Get to know its different neighbourhoods, and find the one for your perfect lifestyle.

Giruliai & Melnragė for proximity to the sea.

This is the place for sea lovers — situated right in the middle of Klaipėda’s beaches and pinewoods. It’s where you continuously hear the waves breaking, retreating into the sea, and breaking again.

  • Melnragė — If you’re a water sports enthusiast, then Melnragė is the definite choice. Living here opens you to endless water-related experiences — from starting your morning with a surf session to canoeing, water kitesurfing, or simply jogging on the sand by the sea. The ride from Melnragė to Klaipėda’s city center takes only 10 to 15 minutes by public transport. 
  • Giruliai — If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more calm, a place to raise a family — Giruliai is the place. With 3 kindergartens, it provides all family-life essentials within hand’s reach. Getting to Klaipėda’s center both by bike and public transport shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Northern neighbourhoods are for comfort seekers.

Looking for a private home? Below, you’ll find our favourites for spacious living. These might be a bit more expensive than private homes outside of the city, but the proximity to the hustle and bustle is worth it. You’ll be steps away from kindergartens, schools, grocery stores, and a variety of services.

  • Mažasis Kaimelis
  • Labrenciškės 
  • Danės vingis
  • Tauralaukis 
  • Dragūnai
  • Kalotė 
  • Luizė 

For forest walks, choose Miškas. ​

Miškas is a neighbourhood of vintage apartment complexes, 5 to 12 stories in height. Sitting in between the city’s center and the sea makes the perfect area for those who love a morning’s walk. It’s close to grocery stores, services, and private kindergartens.

Old town

The old town boasts everything you would imagine it to have — museums, theaters, cafes, and restaurants. It’s also conveniently close to Smiltynė — the isolated peninsula part of Klaipėda. A ferry takes you there for hikes, sunbathing, or forest biking.

The heart of everything, the City Center.

Enter the city center. Stroll along the numerous squares or explore narrow alleyways, indulge in artisan coffee, take pictures with stone humans at a public art gallery, and more. There’s always something new to do.

  • Gandrališkės
  • Rumpiškės
  • Vėtrungė
  • Sendvaris
  • Trinyčiai
  • Dubysa
  • Arena

You’ll find everything you need in the South. Really.

This is where you’ll find the city’s shopping malls, a large variety of shops, services, schools, and kindergartens. Yes, it is considered the most distant part if measured from the city center. But it’s Klaipėda. Everything is still within a 25-minute bus ride. Besides, it’s the area that’s being developed at the fastest rate.

  • Žvejybos uostas
  • Laukininkai
  • Bandužiai
  • Vėtrungė
  • Alksnynė
  • Baltija

If you prefer living outside of the city.

You might want to consider suburban life. The suburbs of Klaipėda offer more space, friendlier prices, and usually have an active community. And they’re expanding rapidly, too — most suburbs have shops or kindergartens. 

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