4 seasons
in Klaipėda.

4 seasons
in Klaipėda

Klaipėda may not be a metropolis in size, but it doesn’t fall short in terms of culture. Plus, you’re always in nature. Discover long summers, warm winters, strong winds, and sand at the entrance of your door.

The big small city that’s enjoyable all-year-round.

The fall with walks on the beach.

Come fall, the tourists leave Klaipėda’s beaches, and that’s when true Klaipėdians come out. They enjoy long walks by the coastline more than they do the act of sunbathing. Even strong winds do not scare them away. Fall is also the time for surfing or kitesurfing — as the winds intensify, so do the waves. Theatres start a new season. Galleries open new exhibitions. The culture awakens.

Where winters are less frosty.

Winters in Klaipėda are warmer. Less drowsy. The coastal humidity, of course, means that a raincoat and waterproof shoes would be handy. The Christmas season comes along, presenting gingerbread aromas, beautiful lights, and an ice skating rink under the stars. If you choose to walk to the beach, you’ll see half-naked Klaipėdians run from saunas to the water and back.

The spring may take a while. But it’s worth it.

The nights may prolong their stay in Klaipėda into the spring. It’s our sweater season. But it ends fast. Towards the end of the spring, you’ll see cyclists coming out again, Klaipėdians enjoying long walks again, and outdoor cafes welcoming their guests in a dimly lit, romantic terrace. It’s when film, music, and dance festivals return to our city. Again.

A never-ending romance, every day. That is Klaipėdian Summer.

Our summers are long. Their evenings are, too. We start our mornings with sunrise, out on the beach. Even at 5 a.m., the coastal sunrise is worth it. We dine by the sea, too — picnicking or snacking, escaping the hustle and bustle. When we’re done with our dining, we dance and sing in everyday open-air concerts. Because they’re always happening somewhere around.

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