More time for
family. More
time for life.

More time for family. More time for life.

Move to Klaipėda with your family. Trade a busy life for family time. Spend evenings in nature, and get your kids to school in under 30 minutes.

50+ public kindergartens.

More than 50 public kindergartens to choose from, and their proximity means you don’t have to live in the car. Lithuanian and Russian languages are offered as first-language choices. 

Government-compensated private kindergartens.

If you live in the central or northern parts of Klaipėda, you’ll find an expanding network of private kindergartens. Open to both — Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian speaking children. Besides, the Klaipėda municipality compensates €100 per month towards your child’s private kindergarten schooling.

General and field-focused public schools.

Find both general and field-focused public schools. If you prefer, you can choose to send your child to a school that focuses on engineering, arts, humanities, or maritime subjects. Several national minority-oriented schools practice bilingual teaching.

Uniquely taught private schools.

Atop the highest ranking ones in Lithuania, you’ll find Klaipėda’s private schools. They usually separate themselves by method of teaching or a belief system. You can register directly on the schools’ websites.

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